The Eyewitnesses Lied –

Corpses of CO Gassing Victims are Cherry-Pink or Red and NOT Blue or Colorless


The following images are all from a single book: Color Atlas of Forensic Pathology by G. Austin Gresham, Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc.1975. Readers should click on each image below to see an enlarged high-resolution image with the actual caption as given by Gresham.

The two images above (#33 and #227) are NOT images of CO poisoning at all–and the captions with those pictures make that clear. The images, probably of the same victim, show simple (non-chemical) asphyxiation. I included them here to show that even where one might perceive some “blueness” in a corpse, it is a subtle shading due to perception by contrast rather than anything dramatic. More than likely, the pictures are of the same victim photographed at different times after death in different lighting. The top picture was taken shortly after death whereas the second picture shows the typical deep purplish livor mortis which sets in after about two hours after death.

An amazing news story about the use of CO to make meats look fresh in supermarkets in the USA illustrates the dramatic coloring that CO causes. Meat products generally have hardly any blood (the carrier of hemoglobin) remaining within the tissues because of the slaughtering processes which includes several minutes of blood-letting. And yet, the CBS News story clearly shows that the effects of CO on dead meat are still intense and all the more reason to reject the CO gassing charges against the Nazis.


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