THE AUSCHWITZ ALBUM: Jews Strolling to the Gas Chambers with Rest Stops and Picnics along the Way

The following images are all from The Auschwitz Album which was supposedly “discovered” (read: “stolen”) by a self-styled “concentration camp survivor” Lili Meier. The complete collection of 192 photographs from this one book can be seen at the USHMM website where it is a major feature of their collection. The same album and pictures are also a major feature of the Yad Vashem archives in Israel with similar, but not exactly the same, captions as those given by the USHMM. The images below with their captions are simply samples from the actual collection as they appear at the USHMM archive website. Few people will ever bother to examine the album photographs carefully unless they are somehow prodded by essays like this one. What the images reveal on careful examination is totally different from what the holocaust hoax promoters suggest. Judge for yourself!

Although the women in the above photo are not even alleged to be on their way to a gas chamber, I include the photo here because of the misleading but typical caption which ignores the fact that the “disinfection” process almost certainly used Zyklon-B to disinfect all clothing as well as all other personal articles. The same deliberate attempt to mislead readers appears in all of the other photos which mention “disinfection.” The fact is that Zyklon-B was used in many camps, including Auschwitz-Birkenau, to keep people alive and not to kill anyone. It had been widely used as early as 1927 to routinely fumigate ships in New York harbor by the U. S. Public Health Service. That the Germans would have used it during the war to fumigate the clothing of countless people including ordinary soldiers, and POW's, and concentration camp inmates should have surprised no one who understands anything at all about the dangers of epidemic diseases such as typhus, especially in wartime. Typhus is generally spread by infected lice.

These adventurers are supposedly, according to the experts and “scholars” at the USHMM and Yad Vashem, on their way to their deaths in Nazi gas chambers. Did anyone even bother to frisk these rag-a-muffins? The Jack Nicholson character in the middle foreground could be concealing almost anything in his abundant garments. And the character to his right even has a walking cane which might be used to jam a gas chamber door or smash the head of some Nazi fiend. In the second row, one enterprising character even has a cup attached to his dinner jacket with a safety pin. Perhaps he can beg a few Reichsmarks from a Nazi guard along the way–if he can even find one.

There are no Nazi guards present anywhere in these pictures, nor is anything other than a casual stroll in unpleasant surroundings suggested by the pictures. The individuals do not appear happy–but, they certainly do not appear to be in fear for their lives either. They have obviously not wasted much capital at dry cleaning establishments, or at laundries. No doubt, it will take some subtle persuasion to get them to climb out of their clothing and take showers and get haircuts. Note also that there is absolutely no physical restraint on any of the people anywhere in the album such as handcuffs, leg-irons, or chains as one sees in pictures from the Guantanomo Prison or Abu Ghreib or any death row anywhere in the USA.

Haven't these folks noticed those ominous clouds of smoke belching from the crematory chimneys? Of course, not--becuase there simply was NO such smoke anywhere.

Similar comments to those made for the previous picture also apply to the characters in the above picture. They look as if they had just popped out of a Robert Altman gritty, true-to-life movie about the rough old days in the American West. I wouldn't trust any of these guys. A good delousing, and a shower, and shave will be so helpful.

Why do the experts at USHMM and Yad Vashem think this poor old lady is going to the gas chambers? OK, she doesn't seem likely to be making many hand grenades, or jet planes. She doesn't seem to even have enough sense to follow the crowd behind her which is going in the opposite direction. But, aside from the barbed wire fencing, there is no reason to believe anything sinister is in store for her. She is casually going in the wrong direction and has stopped for a moment to let the photographer take her picture.

In the background one can see the typical fencing which certainly controls movement but it does NOT block the view to adjacent areas, with barracks in this case. The fencing wires may be electrically charged but they do NOT block verbal communication between adjacent areas.

This Danny DeVito character seems so tired and bored by the whole experience. Does she know that she is marked for gassing? Of course, not!

Although the purpose of the building in the foreground is unknown to this author, the T-shaped building behind it is a delousing station with Zyklon-B gas chambers which are quite dramatic in their appearance today because of the intense blue staining on the interior and exterior walls. The crowd of what appears to be only women and children is walking past it—and, is in no particular hurry. The Germans appear to be only lightly armed, if at all, with soft caps and only one soldier in the foreground has a bolt action rifle; no automatic rifles or submachine guns are visible anywhere as one would expect to see in order to control any mass breakout attempts. All appears quite calm and casual.

And here we have the tearjerker-of-the-year photo that has been used endlessly to condemn those fiendish Nazis.

Here we have the most incriminating picture of all because of the crematorium in the background–shock, horror, awe. The USHMM and Yad Vashem even provide names of some of the people in the picture but neglect to tell us whether there is any other evidence that these people died shortly after arrival, or whenever. And, where is the smoke?

Crematorium 3 was actually a beautiful building for cremating the dead individually with care, and dignity, and where the ashes of individual corpses were put into individual urns to be returned to family members. The individuals in this photo with their abundance of clothing are almost certainly on their way to the Sauna complex, Zentral Sauna, with its large laundry next to the “Canada” storage area for personal effects. They have simply stopped to allow the photo to be taken and are, obviously, not afraid that they are about to be gassed.

The fencing around the crematorium controls movement but does NOT block the view of whatever is going on in the immediate vicinity of the crematorium.

Are these people the least bit frightened by what may be in store for them? Of course, not!

Do these people seem to be the least bit fearful about their destiny? If they are fearful, it certainly does not show at all. At least one of the children would be in tears if they were fearful.


Rest Stops along the Way to the Gas Chambers

I am not making this up, folks. The USHMM actually tells us that these people are “wait-[ing] in a clearing near a grove of trees before being led to the gas chambers." Were the gas chambers jammed up that day, or what?

What is that teenage gal unwrapping? Is it a secret message in her diary, or a sandwich?

Are they waiting for the outdoor concert to begin, or what? “Pass the salt, please.

As part of their casual strolls to the gas chambers, the intended victims made many rest stops along the way. Were they hatching plots to escape? It seems so unlikely. There are no Nazi guards with submachine guns or whips, anywhere. In fact, these intended victims do not seem especially concerned about anything more than the most basic things that concern all people, like lunch. “The caterer seems to be so slow today.

Another rest stop. Are they waiting for a bus, or a military escort? The scene shows nothing more than a casual stop along the way to almost anywhere.

Do these people seem the least bit frightened by whatever awaits them? Of course, not! And they are not in any hurry either. No one is behind them with whips or submachine guns to shoosh them along.

They are supposedly waiting “to be transported to the gas chambers.” Oh, how thoughtful and considerate! The bus appears to be late.

In the above and following pictures, at least some of the people appear to be eating as well. Obviously, these are not two-minute rest stops but far more casual and relaxed get-togethers than what one should expect if the holocaust story were true. The working age men and single women without children seem absent–but, the pangs of separation seem minimal to non-existent. The area in which they are resting seems quite open, without any fencing at all. Grandpa in the lower left seems to be enjoying the kids–and why not?

Hasn't someone in a striped costume told them that their fate was to be turned into smoke rising to fill the sky from those tall chimneys? Apparently, not!

Here we have more scenes of Jews casually resting on their way to somewhere and snacking. The Nazi photographer behind that camera is of no interest to them. Obviously, the Nazi fiends were not pushing their intended victims very hard this day. Were the victims waiting for a bus ride to the gas chambers? It would seem that way if the “scholars” at USHMM and Yad Vashem are to be believed.

The above pictures, as well as many more which one can find at USHMM and Yad Vashem, show just how ridiculous the mass gassing claims truly are if one looks at them critically. Compare these pictures with those of prisoners, for example, in today's Guantanamo Prison where prisoners are shackled and handcuffed and escorted with armed guards merely to go to toilets. For executions of a single prisoner in the US, security precautions are far worse.

Can anyone seriously believe that Jews, of all people, would passively and casually stroll to their own mass executions? Can anyone seriously believe that Jews marked for extermination gas chambers would be allowed to make rest stops and picnic on their final journeys to death? And yet, that is exactly what the USHMM and Yad Vashem are telling us with their captions to these pictures. If the holocaust hoax is to be believed, we must all continue to believe just such lunacy. It should be rather obvious now that the “holocaust” story really is a form of collective, racist insanity promoted endlessly by the most unsrupulous, and skillful, con-artists in all of human history.


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