German Hospitals Destroyed by Allied Terror Bombing

by Friedrich Paul Berg

The images which follow should help explain those other, infamous and horrible pictures of sick and dying concentration camp inmates in Germany at the end of World War 2. It is those other pictures of western German concentration camps, where “scholars” today agree that no one was gassed, which are the continuing basis for the widely held, false belief that Germany used gas chambers for mass murder. The writngs of “scholars” like Hilberg, Reitlinger and Gilbert, etc. are of little consequence in this regard since they are totally unknown to the vast majority of believers. Belief in the great hoax is firmly rooted, primarily, in pictures of places like Dachau and Bergen-Belsen taken at the very end of the war.  None of the pictures of “victims” are even alleged to be pictures of victims of gas chambers–but the general public has been led to believe, nonetheless, that there is an “undeniable” connection.

What has been deliberately ignored is that when the Allies bombed Germany's cities, they achieved not only a monumental housing shortage; they also destroyed countless hospitals including many of the best hospitals in the world. The medical disaster which followed was inevitable. That disaster was evident not merely in the concentration camps–but throughout Germany.

The Medical Branch Report of the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey was published by the American government shortly after World War 2. It is actually an indictment of the western Allies for the cowardly war that the U.S. and Britain waged against civilians in Germany. That some of the civilians happened to also be concentration camp inmates should surprise no one. When one bombs dams, for example, it is not just German workers or military personnel who suffer from thirst. Countless other victims are also likely to die from waterborne diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea and dysentery—which is exactly what happened. When people no longer have water to wash themselves and their clothing, many are likely to die from typhus which is often carried by lice–and that is what happened. When one engages in deliberate mass destruction of an entire nation as shown by the vast moonscapes which had once been German cities, the medical disaster which followed should surprise no one. Anyone who thinks the sick and dying in Belsen looked any worse than sick and dying people in the U.S. today, for example, need only go to any major hospital and peek at the sick and dying under their pajamas.

From the Jews themselves, there are often denunciations of the US and Britain for not having bombed the railroad tracks leading to Auschwitz.  By the last months of the war, however, it was pointless to bomb the tracks to Auschwitz since the inmates at their own request had already been evacuated to western camps so as not to be “liberated” by Russian soldiers. However, during those last remaining months of the war, the US and Britain bombed, not merely the tracks leading to concentration camps–they also bombed, and strafed, and often obliterated, anything and everything which could sustain the inmates in those camps such as trucks or trains carrying food or medical supplies. Inmates being moved by trains were themselves sometimes massacred by low-flying American fighter planes as in the case of the train parked next to the Dachau camp when American troops arrived. The death rates from disease in the camps rose in some cases as at Bergen-Belsen “after liberation.”

The disasters in the concentration camps were the Allies’ own making. If Allied soldiers and prosecutors (many of them Jewish) had really wanted to find the perpetrators of the horrors which supposedly shocked them so much, “even hardened combat veterans” by some accounts–they had only to look at themselves. The real horrors of the concentration camps were their own doing.  That those real mass murderers would, nonetheless, blame the Germans and the Nazis for their own cowardly barbarism should surprise no one.


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